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That look is naughty. It's like he's saying "Darling did I tell you that you could put your clothes on? I don't think so. Now get back on that bed."

Tom Hiddleston for Thor and his talents pertaining to all things Shakespeare. Oh my gosh this picture!

This is pretty much what I do everyday. I even have a board dedicated to Loki.

SO FUNNY. I'm totally not obsessed with Loki. and I had to pin it. hahahahahaha <-- I, on the other hand, am obsessed with Loki and this picture is beautiful

Is it wrong that I found this so freaking hot??? <3

bonivich: I laugh so much when I watch this scene. I just can’t take Loki seriously at this point; not because he sucks but because that man flies away in a ridiculous way that it always makes my day.

We all fall short of his glory

We all fall short of his glory

Zachary Levi and Tom Hiddleston. Tom is perf and Zach Levi makes me laugh so much.

Tom Hiddleson on the versions of Loki in "Thor", "The Avengers", and "Thor: The Dark World"

Ahe’ey - Sky Falling (An Original Novel - Part 1

Duweandjdbevjabsvsn!!! YAS, BRITISH HOTTIES!!!! AhahhahahHhhHhHha!!!!!

*can't breath* *calms down bc realizes it's not real* *sad bc it's not real* (I second this comment) of course you can

Ooh fascinating

Tom Hiddleston on playing Loki - good point to keep in mind for writing, as well: Every villain is the hero of his own story


Is there one for fictional boys but the conditions remains the same? Cause then, I would totally press the button though, there is a downside - which fictional boy should I choose? So many choices yet so very hard to choose just one.

So true...  I would LOVE I take a pic with him.


xD I pinned this because my friend LOVES Loki. <<< I pinned this because I LOVE Loki

I, er, I gotcha.

To quote John Watson: "Oh god yes." (And will someone please find me this "hello darling" with Benedict too?