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Suns of the World by anddontforgetart °Wow! Love this! It includes so many Sun signs from Mayan, Ancient Africa, Egypt, Ancient Neolithic & Bronze Age,  Mesopotamian, Abyssinian, Aztec, Ancient Celt, Norse, Macedonian & more, with the Zodiac, Solar System & Cat's Eye Nebula as backdrop! - very nice x

'Suns Of The World' - Digital collage July This piece is inspired by the symbolic representation the Sun by practically every culture since and before civilisation existed.

Flower of Life on the Osirion

The Mystery of Abydos and the Osirion Temple

An engraving of the “Flower of Life” at the Temple of Osiris, Egypt. The Flower of Life is a common symbol in Sacred Geometry, based on permutations of the simple daisy wheel figure.

zodiac meet ancient alchemic/alchemy symbols

Astrological tattoos, the 12 zodiac symbol tattoos explained. Read the meanings and view designs to get your own astrology sign tattoos ideas.


Egyptian god of the sun. Also considered the ultimate Egyptian expression of the divine.

art inklings: How To Draw Aztec Sun Stones- History and Math in an art lesson

art inklings: How To Draw Aztec Sun Stones- History and Math in an art lesson

Ra- Everlasting and Everliving, Lord of Creation, The Beauty of the Sun, Father of Gods    Ra, the sun and the original pharaoh of Egyptian legend, left his kingdom to his son, Osiris and his power to Isis, once he became very ancient.

Ra God The Sun God Now we will speak about the most famous God in ancient Egypt ( Ra God ) the God of the Sun our article will consist of s.

Imperio Azteca / Aztec Empire

The Aztecs lived on an island in Mexico the climate was very hot and humid, the soil was perfect for planting. They got their water from mountain springs. The mountains protected them from danger.

School 1 & College Friends 003

Aztec Suns

Second graders created these Aztec suns from slabs of clay. Metallic gold tempera gave the suns their brilliant sheen.

Ancient Sundial discovered in the Valley of the Kings, Egypt is now thought to be from the 13th century B.C.

Sundial Found Near Ancient Tomb May Be Oldest Of Its Kind

Ancient Sundial Discovered In Egypt's Valley Of The Kings Dates Back To Century B.

Art teacher's lessons published in national magazine

Art teacher’s lessons published in national magazine