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Cute seal baby

Harp seal pup - just days old on Madeleine Island in Quebec, Canada, striking poses for the camera

Selkie or seal?

Selkie or seal?

Kiss a Bearded Seal (they have seriously stinky breath! no plans to do it again! haha)

Kiss a Bearded Seal (they have seriously stinky breath!

sleeping seal

Sleepy seal having blissful dreams of entire schools full of mackerel.

Baby seal

Underwater Photograph 'Yes, I'm Adorable' by Samantha Haebich

Cute baby

The argument against killing baby seals: Discussing why it is still allowed, ways to prevent the practice

Here are some Top 10 Animals With The Strangest Body Features ever.

Top 10 Creatures With The Strangest Physical Features On Earth


Photo by A harp seal pup called a white coat enjoys a rare moment of sunshine as it waits on the sea ice in the Gulf Of St Lawrence for its mother to return to nurse.