Never Ignore a Coincidence (do I get points for noticing that 23 was missing when I watched it?)

Never Ignore a Coincidence. Then always ignore coincidences. And I totally watched that episode earlier and noticed/contemplated why 23 was missing.

Doctor Who

The lines that shocked everyone. Jack is The Face of Boe, River Song is Melody Pond, and Oswin Oswald is a Dalek.

Matt Smith has admit to love babies and children and we can see it, feel it. This beautiful thing get off the sceen <3

TRON Armory Girl "Gem" Cosplay 11 + Stormagedon = Super awesome team in the future.

Doctor Who

"Really loved it when Amy pointed all this out. She knows him well. And realizes the inevitability of the Doctor fixing their relationship one way or another." This scene made me so sad for Amy and Rory

The XV Doctor remembers...

The Doctor, Amy, and Rory Fanart [This is so sad. :'( ] Cause you know my heart doesn't hurt enough

Yup, today's new DW, who's exited?

When I was watching this episode my dad was walking by the TV at this part and I fell off the couch laughing because my dad is from Peru and he came to America with his Peruvian folk band xD