☀Black wolf

winter wolf, my dog Tasha again, isn't she beautiful. She has a big heart to go with her size.

Wolfdog  Half wolf - half German Shepherd

Wolfdog Half wolf - half German Shepherd



Am Tag unterwegs

Because on a Bright Sunny day, with Lighting and Angle They Managed to Make this Black Wolf's Eyes Pop and the Focal point of the picture.

Un mastín en la nieve.

handsomedogs: “ instinct-photography’s Alaskan Noble Companion Dog, Yarrow. (previously submitted) ” umMMMMMMM SEND ME A PACK

Call of the Wild

Howl at the moon For she could alter the waves of the earth Call to her for she is the light in the darkness .

40d2f6559bf5ae8b5d777f3dfbb4f1d5.jpg 640×480 pixels

40d2f6559bf5ae8b5d777f3dfbb4f1d5.jpg 640×480 pixels

Imagine wolf, animals, and sweet

Imagine wolf, animals, and sweet


The is a very friendly wolf named Billie. She lives with her owner in Inuvik, a town in Northwest Territories of Canada. Loves to have her neck+ears scratched ~ what a great animal.


I am a Black Wolf and black wolves are actually pretty common in the North.


Handsome black wolf with traces of silver in his fur .