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Cat Head

Cat Head Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Ellen van Bodegom

This is the best part!

Sometimes a cat and a good book are all you need. I just noticed she is reading Twilight.

Looks like my sweet Lucy.

Easy-going, affectionate and friendly, the Maine Coon cat’s personality is mostly pleasant, enough to make a pet owner “purr” with warmth.

Cute kitten !

Let’s all bow down to Aurora, the Queen of Cats.

[Selkirk Rex] " Hope fer de best, Expects de worst. Life beez a play. We allz unrehearsed."

Designer Type - I just love the curly coat of a Selkirk cat. And this little kitten is adorable don’t you think?

The intriguing looking half tail that the American Bobtail Possesses comes as a consequence of a genetic mutation. The tail of the breed is usually 1/3 to 1/2 provided that a common kitty’s tail.

7 Facts About American Bobtail Cats You Have To Know

Skyy, a Blue Lynx Mitted Ragdoll cat.

Meet Floppy Cats - Adult Ragdoll Cats from different breeders and different parts of the world, but also cats that I know that just act floppy. See Adult Ragdoll Cat Pictures as well.

This Maine Coon is a real cutie don’t you think?

Cheeky Cat! - 23rd January 2015

Siberian Cat is a landrace variety of domestic cat, present in Russia for centuries, and more recently developed as a formal breed, with standards promulgated since the late They vary from medium to medium-large in size.

ACEO Oil Painting Cat Grey Tabby Green Eyes Bradberry | eBay

Aceo oil painting cat grey tabby green eyes bradberry


Maine Coon Cat - Pip portrait this is how my Tiki Looked only mane was bigger/wider