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CNN.co.jp : バービー人形の体形が多様化 細すぎ批判に応える - (2/2)

Barbie's new body: curvy, tall and petite - CNN


Selene Michaels Meme by Selene Michaels ~~ 2014 03 14 (The illustration is by Gustave Doré, 1832 –


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10 DIY Terrariums

Save these quick + easy DIY tutorials to plant your own terrarium in a light bulb, fish bowl or an apple cider jug.

In Japanese folklure, the rabbit (usagi) resides on the moon pounding rice for omchi (rice cake).

Le Lapin et la Lune // In Japanese folklore, the rabbit (usagi) resides on the moon pounding rice for mochi (rice cake).

Netherlands dwarf bunny

via WTF Facts!: Having a bad day here's a pic of fluffy baby bunny. (Some days, you just need a pic of fluffy baby bunny--or a kitten)


The underwater city always dreaded the approach of Octopolis. Its rocky tentacles would block the roadways, usually during rush hour. A surreal landscape by Heri Irawan.

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How to Build a Rabbit Exercise Pen