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alternate costume aran sweater black legwear blonde hair bow collarbone contemporary dress fashion fingernails gradient hair hair bow hijiri byakuren long hair looking at viewer mayoln multicolored hair nail polish one eye closed pantyhose purple hai


Blanche, a spy for the B. she is posing as a Engineer for the red boys to learn their strategy and report back to the B.

Post with 9056 votes and 292022 views. Shared by EvilTheCat. Art by Ilya Kuvshinov

시험기간만 되면  너 생각이 더 많아져...  집중할 수가 없어...

시험기간만 되면 너 생각이 더 많아져... 집중할 수가 없어...

illustration by Salgoo

There Is ‘some’thing Between Us!

It is neither couple nor just friend. Nor begin romantic relationship but not fun date. Being with him or her, you& becoming emotionally involved with it, But that relation is more difficult to define in a word.

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