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I don't believe in Larry but they are good friends and we've ruined that friendship for them. It really sucks because to this day they still look really distant from each other but yeah

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It is so stupid that I do this but at least I'm probably not the only one now they have this meme

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Battle of Geonosis - Anakin Skywalker - Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the clones

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Taking forever to pick out an outfit for school. Then deciding to wear the most boring outfit possible because you're just done.

Just Girly Things <3 #JustGirlyThings

when someone compliment's the thing you are most insecure about: ( almost crying, whispering) I love you.

Shooting :)<<< True but that girl is shooting like she has never handled a pistol in her life.

I don't know if I am a girly girl or a tomboy. One moment I am a young lady who has dresses and almost perfect manners, then the next moment I am a wild tomboy with dirty clothes, and playing soccer and shooting guns. I'm kind of weird.