Aubrey Beardsley

Art Nouveau artist Aubrey Beardsley was an English author and illustrator. His drawings in black ink emphasized the grotesque, the decadent, and the erotic.

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Title:The Climax, illustration from 'Salome' by Oscar Wilde, 1893 - Painted by:Aubrey Vincent Beardsley Location: Private Collection

Aubrey Beardsley: Seated Lady                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Seated Lady by Aubrey Vincent Beardsley (Fine Art Framed Print Aubrey Vincent Beardsley)

Aubrey Beardsley: picture for "Salomé" by Oscar Wilde

Aubrey Beardsley, drawing for Oscar Wilde’s Salome, from the art journal The Studio, Via University of Heidelberg. ”J’ai baisé ta bouche, Iokanaan”

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Le Morte d' Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory // illustrated by Aubrey Beardsley. The woods were full of damsels in distress.