Paige Reifle

プレフォールコレクションで描く、カリーヌ流ファッション&ビューティのアートな方程式|ハーパーズ バザー

Beautiful hair

Black Nail Polish is NOT Necessary = Known as a Cybergoth, she embraces the psychedelic realms of techno music and dance raves while favoring neon and contrasting makeup colors exemplified here with electric yellow eye-shadow and pink lips.

love the hair texture w/ neutral black to make it pop

stormtrooperfashion: Karolina Gorzala in “Cosmic Gamma Ray by Fauke Fischer for REVS Magazine, July 2013

Elements, creada y 'dirigida' por Gonzalo Zarauza

Not many are as creative as these Spanish hairstylists, who have always been the cream of the crop in avant-garde hairdressing! The Figaro Awards for.

62365_10152147585581878_409510183_n.jpg (719×960)

Hair: Faatemah Ampey Photography: Roberto Ligresti Make-up: David Maderich Wardrobe: David Widjaja Assistants: Amy Jo Beniek, Kimberly Steward

The art of Japanese flower arrangement. In Japan, many schools still teach and hand down the ancient art form. Similarly, the Ikebana Collection by the Aquage team was cultivated through a mentoring program.