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Hi guys! ヨッシーです〜。東京に住んでる! 22 year old Gray-A. Obsessed with GazettE and リヴァイ兵長...speaks Swedish, English and Japanese~Heresy-member since 2010. I'm YOSHIRXR on Instagram.Message me!

missverypink: Uruha: just now we finished the first half of our LIVES in South, Central and for the first time, North America. those days were so exciting and amazing and they made me recognize and see the passion of the fans who have been waiting for us in a new light. we will keep doing our best to perform the best LIVES for the rest of the tour so everyone, I’m counting on you! WE ROCK!! 【麗】/ Uruha He posted this on the GazettE STAFF account on Twitter.

“前半戦の南米、中米、そして初の北米でのライブがたった今終わりました。刺激的で素晴らしい日々で待っていてくれたファンの熱い気持ちを再認識させてくれました。この先も最高のライブになるよう頑張るので皆様ヨロシク!WE ROCK!! 【麗】”