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Simple, yet engaging. Would like a different texture.    MSCED by Marius Roosendaal, via Behance

geometric - i like the idea of the whole logo being in one geometric shape.maybe not so conventionally square or triangle - or maybe just with the word Ethel then a geometric shape around the & sign

calligraphy animal 01

calligraphy animals, Andrew Fox: London-based designer and illustrator created this fun series of minimalistic animals

Contoh Poster dengan Desain Modern dan Elegan 15

dp-illustrations: “ Minimalist graphic design by Paul Tebbott, a visual artist, illustrator and graphic designer from Manchester, UK. ” From Paul Tebbott’s website: This guy’s work is wonderful.

Chanou's Gedachtegoed // The Circle of Influence - Challenge yourself to only worry about problems that you can solve. Alles waar jij invloed op kunt uitoefenen bevindt zich binnen deze cirkel, alles dat er buiten valt mag jou niet raken en uit balans halen, want het is uit jouw handen.”

This looks really cool and the design overall brings a really chill vibe. Maybe instead of a circle use a different shape or figure but use a scenic background.

So good - I like the text placement and size | CHECK OUT MORE geodude IDEAS AT POKEPINS.COM | #pokemon #gottacatchemall #geodude #pikachu #charmander #squirtle #bulbasaur #ferokie #haunter #garydos #mew #mewtwo #shiny #teamrocket #teammagma #ash #misty #brock

Ikosaeder by Albert Exergian icosahedron, geometry, that distinct construction paper light blue, poster // exergian