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【速報・動画】浜田靖一 戦争法案 強行採決7/15 - YouTube

【速報・動画】浜田靖一 戦争法案 強行採決7/15 - YouTube

Charlotte Despard (1844-1939), speaking at an anti-fascist rally in  London, June 1933

“Charlotte Despard was an English-born, later Irish-based suffragist, novelist, Sinn Féin activist, vegetarian and anti-vivisection advocate.” Picture taken by James Jarché

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That last comment makes me happy and I'm so tired of people judging other people based on characteristics they literally have no control over.

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It should say: if one man calls forty women hoes, everyone believes him, but if forty women call one man a rapist, no one believes them.

Anti-fascist militia women defending a street barricade, Barcelona, 1936 by Robert Capa.

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Robert Capa - Anti-fascist militia women defending a street barricade, Barcelona 1936