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Japanese flying boat

flying boat in flight moments before being shot down by the US Liberator aircraft which took this photograph, 2 Jul 1944

Mar 03, 1942 - 2 Japanese "Emily" bombers from the Marshalls (refueled by submarines) attacked Hawaii. The nighttime attack was unsuccessful, hampered in part by cloud conditions. Pearl Harbor was again the target, but one plane missed the naval base by 6 miles and dropped four bombs on Mt Tantalus. The other plane's four bombs fell in the Pacific

A Kawanishi Type 2 "Emily" flying boat.


Short Sunderland Mk ll

british-eevee: “P5M Marlins in flight ”

british-eevee: Marlins in flight ”

Sikorsky S-43 or better known as a Baby Clipper

Sikorsky or better known as a Baby Clipper, transport

Kawanishi H8k Japanese flying boat. Powered by 4 1850 hp Kasai radial power plants. Armament- 20mm cannons in bow, dorsal and tail turrets. Plus 7.7 mm machine guns in the cockpit, ventral and side hatches. Max speed 290 mph. It made its combat debut on March 4-5, 1942 on a night bomb raid on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. The route was so long the bomber landed on the ocean to refuel from a submarine. Bad weather dismissed the target not to be bombed.

Kawanishi flying boat "Emily" large,Type 2 Flying Boat of the Imperial Japanese Navy.

Air France Latecoere 631

british-eevee: “ Latécoère 631 flying boat in flight ”

PBY 카탈리나 - 나무위키

Vintage Catalina Flying Boat In Nic Cage Film Partially Sinks On Beach

The design of the the engines came from Germany but used powerful American motors to lift it to an altitude of 1,650 feet in the air

Photos show the aircraft which cruised the sky and seas in the 1920s

dieselfutures: “Dornier Do X ”

Dornier Do X

It is the most famous of all Dornier seaplanes. Our thanks to Wikipedia for the history and technical details of the Dornier seaplanes.

Short Mayo Composite 1938 The Short Mayo Composite was a piggy-back long-range seaplane-flying boat combination produced by Short Brothers to provide a reliable long-range air transport service

G-AETY Short S.23 Empire Flying boat Imperial Airways, Sea of Galilee, 1939

G-AETY Short Empire Flying boat Imperial Airways, Sea of Galilee, 1939



岩国航空基地に駐機中の救難飛行艇US-2    (via https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=346320728762985=a.346319495429775.81817.161912430537150=3 )

岩国航空基地に駐機中の救難飛行艇US-2 (via https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=346320728762985=a.346319495429775.81817.161912430537150=3 )