Lamani was a large Mayan city in northern Belize Its name translates in Mayan language to "submerged Crocodile". Best known for 33 meter tall "High Temple"
メキシコ東部で新たなマヤ遺跡発見、ピラミッド15基も 6月20日、メキシコのユカタン半島東部のジャングルで、スロベニアの考古学者らが古代マヤ文明の新たな遺跡を発見したことが分かった。写真は18日にメキシコ国立人類学歴史学研究所から提供されたもの A new Mayan ruins found in eastern Mexico, also 15 based pyramid June 20, I found that in the jungle of the Yucatan Peninsula of eastern Mexico, archaeologists from Slovenia found a new ruins of the ancient Mayan civilization. The photo should be what is provided from Mexico National Anthropology Institute history in the 18th
Belize Mayan Ruins Map
The Megalithic Temples of Malta include this one at Mnajdra, near the town of Qrendi on the island's south coast. The oldest structure at Mn...

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This cool map shows the relative power of some empires/nations over the last 4,000 years, it's a really interesting perspective
Cave painting of animals
Mayan pyramid in archaeological site Zaculeu, Huehuetenango. (Guatemala)

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