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Stem 檸檬噴噴 (柑橘噴霧器)

Stem by Quirky allows you to squeeze the juice directly from a lime or lemon

Herb mill. For all the herbs I dislike chopping

Microplane Herb Mill Cut herbs without bruising or blemishing—and reduce your salt intake! Just twist and out come your finely minced herbs to add flavor to your favorite recipes. The ergonomic design of this Microplane Herb Mill makes twisting easy.

From diet to sleep, we've rounded up a few numbers you should strive for. Recommended for the Refer posting

Your Health: It's a Numbers Game

Idk the accuracy to all these numbers; but it's interesting. Healthy numbers to pay attention to! for great motivation, health and fitness tips, check us out at: www.

This is a reason to get a fish tank. I'd make mine into a cubicle.

Best fish tank decor, fish tanks, pets, animals~~~~ this so awesome

An item that may be helpful for some..

Stick-N-Find —bluetooth stickers you place on items, then locate them with your phone! Must put on keys, wallet, and phone! (nicks phone will be the one to locate my phone!

Corn silk remover Bruce says "An evidently utilitarian and innocent benign object that, when pictured in flagrante culinario (sic)" cannot help but make one gasp, giggle and want to share.

Even the clingiest strand is no match for this Corn Silk Remover. Just run this clever brush up and down the cob and those annoying strands of corn silk are captured and removed. Won’t hurt the kernels. i so need this at work!

кухонная утварь

GEFU Spirelli Spiral Cutter Veggie noodles Cooked or raw, they’re awesome in “pasta” recipes and salads. GEFU Spirelli Spiral Cutter Veggie noodles Cooked or raw, they’re awesome in “pasta”…

CHEFS Stainless Steel Finger Guard - Had I had this handy kitchen tool on Monday I would not have cut my finger! must find one asap.

CHEFS Stainless Steel Finger Guard: This stainless-steel finger guard, the secret tool of professional chefs, slips onto middle finger, keeping fingers protected, but free to hold food. Easy-to-use cutting guard will not damage knives.

strawberry huller

I love this thing! Chef’n Strawberry Huller by williams-sonoma: Push-button stainless-steel “claw” inserts into berry; twist and pull to remove stem and hull, leaving as much fruit as possible. Also handy for coring tomatoes.

I dig it! - Citrus Zinger | Gadget | Gear

Good for the lemon water diet! :) Citrus Zinger Flavored Water Infusion Bottle at Brookstone—Buy Now!

Natural Beauty – 21 Day Morning Detox Routine

21 Day Morning Routine--drink warm lemon water thing in the morning for clear skin

plate rack in empty space above sink. still allows light to shine through

Gain valuable storage and add instant style to your kitchen with a plate rack. This rack uses empty space above the sink while allowing sunlight to stream into the kitchen. From Cottage Living. *Maybe just two regular shelves to put my herbs*

Avocado cutter

Unique Kitchen Gadgets Save Time, Look Great

Are you an avocado fanatic? You toss slices or cubes of avocado into salads, soups, and just toss them on your plate to enjoy with a meal? The Avocado Cuber is designed to speed up your preparation time. You just cut your avocado in half,

Like egg-white omelets? Separate with ease with an egg separator or an empty plastic bottle. | 27 Genius Solutions For Your Kitchen Woes

27 Genius Solutions For Your Kitchen Woes

Separating the egg yolk from the whites is as simple as squeeze and release with the Quirky Pluck Yolk Extractor.