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Blackburn Buccaneer. RAF (1980s)

Blackburn Buccaneer on a low pass These were THE absolute personification of low level attack BEFORE they became necessary with the development of SAM's

RN Blackburn Buccaneer XT280 high above the waves displaying the 'H' for HMS Hermes in 1967.

RN Blackburn Buccaneer high above the waves displaying the 'H' for HMS Hermes in

Tonka Tails take to the Skies. front to back - ZA456~9(B)Sqn, ZA548~31Sqn (The Goldstars), ZD788 the 40th Anniversary Tornado, ZA405~12Sqn and ZA461~15Sqn. 100th Aniversary Squadron Tornado GR4's 17th September 2015

This video shows a historic event: a unique formation of four special colored Tornado from RAF Marham alongside a fifth machine from RAF Lossiemouth, flew in the skies ove…

Blackburn Buccaneers, low level attack aircraft, with nuclear weapons capability, of Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm wings folded on a land base, looking like sleeping bats.

First a Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm carrier borne strike aircraft, then inherited by the RAF.

Blackburn Buccaneer with air brake open

Photograph of aircraft - - Private - Blackburn Buccaneer at Off Airport.

Royal Air Force English Electric Lightning F.6 interceptors and a Soviet Air Force Tupolev Tu-95 "Bear" bomber.

Cheerio Ivan: English Electric: Lightning - Limited Edition Fine Art prints and original paintings by Alex Hamilton. A pair of of No. 74 Squadron taking their leave of the crew of a Soviet Tupolev “Bear” D after interception and escort.

Weathered and tired Greek Corsair

PEL Photography added 6 new photos to the album: Retrait des LTV Corsair II Grecs — with Jeff Vader and 5 others.

British Blackburn Buccaneer

Of 809 Naval Air Squadron, HMS Ark Royal, performing what the Bucc did best - coming in low and fast. Later scrapped at Brough Photo taken at IAT - Photo taken at Greenham Common (EGVI) [CLOSED] in England, United Kingdom on July