TOP Choi Seung-hyun (최승현)

Imagine Top waiting for you downstairs to take you on a date



TOP - MADE Full Album Collection Photobook    DO NOT EDIT : Source: On嘉

RT What did i expect? They're the same people who said those Ladies Code members deserve to die bcs they're dividing kpop stans' attention.


p bigbang lose weight. He confessed that he was disappointed in himself for not able to manage his own weight and stated that he “did not want to lose weight, but wanted to

TOP | BIGBANG ‘MADE’ Tour in Guangzhou (150531) (Top Bigbang Made)

TOP | BIGBANG ‘MADE’ Tour in Guangzhou (150531) (Top Bigbang Made)

a tall child

a tall child. How can he debut when he's just 3 years old!😂😂😂 nah, just kidding👍

j'aime trop cette photo (t.o.p - bigbang)

Loạt hình mới khẳng định đẳng cấp 'soái ca' của T.O.P (Big Bang) - Tiin.