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Sandycove swimmers

Members of the Brighton Swimming Club (a. "The Brighton Bulge"*) pose for a photograph in their tophats, ca. Please note time-travelling Stephen Colbert, situated dead center, delivering his trademark smirk of incredulity.

1918 ~ American soldiers paying tribute to all the horses that lost their life in World War I.

Camp Cody, New Mexico, 650 officers and enlisted men of the Auxiliary Remount Depot No a cavalry unit, created this human horse head in tribute to the horses lost in WWI.

Maurice Tillet, a wrestler suffering from acromegaly. He died in 1954 & was the inspiration for the character Shrek.

Photographed by Irving Penn, Elvie saw a signed vintage silver print of this 2014 for Euro. all you Shrek fans! Professional wrestler Maurice Tillet, aka The French Angel, was the inspiration for Shrek’s character design.

The legend of Margorie McCall tells of a woman accidentally buried alive who awoke in her grave when body snatchers attempted to steal her corpse.

The legend of Margorie McCall - Lived once, buried twice.

The grave of Margorie McCall (who was buried alive in 1705 dug out in time and then reburied after her actual death sometime later). Her grave states "Lived Once Buried Twice.

Sisters? I love their expressions and pose. More like her at https://www.pinterest.com/yrauntruth/grow-up-age-croning/

Cabinet Card: Two Anonymous Women [Sisters?] Lead, South Dakota, Photograph By Miss Kemp. These two woman are probably in mourning dress. Elderly widows often remained in mourning for the rest of their lifes.

Abraham Lincoln Ghostbuster - La boite verte

An extremely rare photograph of President Abraham Lincoln taken during his brief yet memorable stint as a paranormal investigator and eliminator circa 1864

Over a million children are refugees of the crisis in Syria.

UNICEF, the children's relief agency, today confirmed it has only received 2 percent of the funding it needs this year to provide aid inside Syria.

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Alcohol, cannabis, chloroform and morphine for your cough. - Kohler's One Night Cough Cure manufactured in 1888 by Kohler Medicine Company, Baltimore, Maryland. (*THAT should cure my cough)

In 1912, Scotland Yard detectives bought their first camera, to covertly photograph suffragettes. The pictures were compiled into ID sheets for officers on the ground.

Lilian Ida Lenton (January 1891 – October was an English dancer, suffragist, arsonist, and winner of a French Red Cross medal for her service as an Orderly in World War. Pictured in a Home Office surveillance photo

Vintage Photos Capture Lovely Moments of Animals with People

Leaping horse while riding side saddle and wearing a corset. That woman is amazing.

When one possesses spark... they radiate their all by shining inner light on dark.  Simi D.

Margaretha Geertruida Zelle McLeod August 1876 – 15 October better known by the stage name Mata Hari was a Dutch Exotic dancer,courtesan,and accused spy who was executed by firing squad in France under charges of espionage for Germany during World War l.

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Vintage Weight GAIN Ads from how times have changed. bkuschova Vintage Weight GAIN Ads from how times have changed. Vintage Weight GAIN Ads from how times have changed.

51 Must See Historic Photos

In 1967 Sweden changed to road traffic policy. They switch the side of the road from left to right. This photo captures the first day after the change.