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Quick and easy posing guide

Boudoir Poses--Some are a little trashy for me, but there are some good ones, too! And yes, I'm doing a boudoir session.

Red leaves [2] by sashajoe on DeviantArt . Character Drawing Illustration

this wasn't the girl he knew. this girl was scary, beautiful, grace and elegance personified. with the power of two witches inside her, she walked as the most powerful being around- besides him, he reminded himself.

Fine Art Print 14 x 14 inches from original by meredithonealART

Fine Art Print 14 x 14 inches - from original figure painting of a female's back by Meredith O'Neal

Giclee Print 13 x 16 inches - original figure painting of a standing nude female by Meredith O'Neal

Epic Music Art:

Epic Music Art

Gorgeous artwork of re-imagined musical instruments. The drum is probably my favorite.

Guild Wars 2: Voodoo Female by ~YeeWu on deviantART

Guild Wars 2 - Voodoo Female by DonDon Idea for your character I think it'd look cool on my necromancer


drawing reference on how to draw female hair; how to draw natural looking hairstyles ∕∕ hair drawing loads of new ideas come to mind looking at this

<p>Blossoming digital sculptures by Jean-Michel Bihorel combine artist’s fascination with flowers and the female form. He designs figures made of cracked marble, where the gaps are filled with dried h

Blossoming Sculptures By Jean-Michel Bihorel

Jean-Michel Bihorel creates digital sculptures of female forms partially composed of dried flowers.

Sensual 3D Line Art by Nester Formentera. http://illusion.scene360.com/art/107104/nester-formentera/

Sensual 3D Line Art by Nester Formentera

Half-formed nude bodies and faces appear in the barcode-like pen strokes of Nester Formentera.

zodiac art | the 12 signs of the zodiac by azurylipfe digital art mixed media ...

Marriage prediction horoscope - I?m an armchair astrologer I belive you should be careful in marrige predicitons horoscope l. Trust your inner feeling ,,,if that don? But I do like the zodiac picture