Felice Beato (?), undated A Japanese Family Prepares a Corpse for Burial

Japanese family washes a corpse for burial, circa . Read more: Caitlin Doughty: Mortician + Death Activist

victorian death photo of mother and triplets that died in childbirth--baby closest to mother looks like it may be alive---color is different

Victorian Post-Mortem photography Post-mortem photography was very common in the nineteenth century when death occurred in the home and was quite an ordinary part of life.

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Jenner Museum Ghost Scary ghost picture taken at the Jenner Museum, Berkeley, England.

Scary ghost pictures

This security camera footage of a woman taking notes in a North Carolina court startled the security guards at the time because no one was supposed to be in that court room. They raced to the room, but found it to be completely empty

Creepy Photos of Abandoned Amusement Parks…

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