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'A Film About Coffee', A Documentary About the Specialty Coffee Movement

'A Film About Coffee', A Documentary About the Specialty Coffee Movement

A Film About Coffee is a documentary about the world of specialty coffee. The film traces specialty coffee production from coffee farms in Central America and Africa to the hip third wave cafés of .

The Starbucks One Tree For Every Bag Commitment—for every bag of coffee you buy, we'll donate a rust-resistant coffee tree to a farm. Together, we can give farmers a brighter, more promising future—and ensure a strong coffee industry for decades to come.

Learn why Starbucks is contributing 70 cents (the cost of a new tree) to Conservation International for every bag of coffee sold at participating stores in the US.

specialty coffee

The Craft of Specialty Coffee

Exploring the world and craft of specialty coffee. What is it, and where is the trend coming from?

Chemex patent for the coffee nerd in me

The fabulous Chemex coffeepot, diagrammed. Made in Pittsfield, Mass. - Handmade Ceramic Coffee Pour Over single cup brewer ceramic clay pottery drip pitcher lid pot

Specialty Coffee Association of America

Specialty Coffee Association of America

The Jellybean Tree: Coffee: An Infographic

"Actually, this seems to be the basic need of the human heart in nearly every great crisis - a good hot cup of coffee.

African Coffee Sampler with Supporters, 2013 HA! Tasting all kinds of African Coffee!

Ganoderma 2 in 1 Black Coffee

A coffee tree will flower and produce coffee cherries just once a year, yielding nearly 1 lb of roasted coffee.

Every Coffee Bean Counts

Whole Bean Coffee. Individuals who love coffee their very own choices while purchasing it. Some decide to buy grounded coffee although some others prefer

Brewing Standards: Coffee For Everyone in an Age of Specialty Coffee

A Coffee Maker for Everyone: Accessibility in the Age of Specialty Coffee

Industrial Coffee Maker for Starting Your Coffee Shop Business - CoffeeLoverGuide

Coffee plant

Coffee plant original 1922 botanical print - Food, natural history, wall decor - 93 years old German chromolithograph illustration

Heath Robinson coffee machine drawing on a floor-to-ceiling chalkboard | Astro Coffee, Detroit

Astro Coffee in Detroit is one well-travelled concept...

Cuento de Bodas Animado

"Hands down the most informative, stylish, and compassionate motion picture to be made about our favorite beverage to date." ~Sarah Allen / Barista Magazine A…

There are plenty of ways to brew coffee / il y a plein de façons d'infuser du café Chemex

Cool Chemex/ typography illustration I found on Instagram