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Jackson's chameleon, a reptile from the African countries of Kenya,Tanzania, Uganda, and Mozambique, possesses possibly the best horns of the reptile kingdom. The three giant horns, one from the snout and two above the eyes, are well-formed and highly impressive. The snout horn bends slightly upward.

Jackson's Chameleon - The Lizard that Has It All

A Welsh View: Baby Chameleon

Baby Chameleon

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Never really been a lizard person but i really want a chameleon for some reason. And yes, i would name him Pascal

Extraordinary Reptiles & Amphibians Photography by Igor Siwanowicz

Always strive to reach new heights. Photography by Igor Siwanowicz

by National Geographic photographer Frans Lanting

I loved my chameleons I had as pets. I will visit Madagascar some day! Oustalet's chameleon, Madagascar (by National Geographic photographer Frans Lanting)


Do You See What I See? I Guess It Depends Where Your Eyes Are.

A Newly Born Jackson's Chameleon Rests on its Dad's Horns Photographic

Chameleon eye.

Chameleon eye.

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This is the most chunky little guy I've seen so far.


Of all the reptiles that exist, chameleons are among the few that have the excellent and amusing ability to camouflage. These highly specialized lizards ha