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28 Verses to Pray for you Relationship.  Verses on loving, commitment, forgiveness, anger and more.

28 Verses to Pray for you Relationship. Verses on loving, commitment, forgiveness, anger and more. Praying with Ricky is one of my favorite things to do. So is praying for him and our relationship.

Praying for my future hubby

Pray for your future husband. Not only do I pray this for my future husband but I also pray that I strengthen my relationship with God in all these ways as well!

If a man loves God first he is more apt to walk down a righteous path and to love you and respect you and to be honest and faithful because he loves and respects the Lord and if he doesn't live according to the way God wants him to live he will have to pay the price for his sins.

Love a guy who loves God. Go for someone who is evenly yoked with you! And who will strive to get u closer to God rather than pull you away from Him! And most of all love God more than he will ever love you! I found my own man of God!

Dating the world's way or courting God's way.

I want a Godly guy who loves the Lord more than me. Plus a courtship. Don't wanna kiss till my wedding day, hold hands till we're both truly ready, and to grow more closer to God than anything else. PUT GOD FIRST!

The right guy

If he doesn't fall o his knees in prayer, he doesn't deserve to fall on one knee with a ring.

i wish all guys would see it this way.

Every girl wants to be loved for what is inside of her that is beautiful, and there is nothing more beautiful than a girl who is in love with JESUS.

That Is The Validation You Need.

Fear God, for his commandments and opinions are the main things you must be concerned about. The rest will come naturally.

He saw her from across the field... He inquired about her character... #RuthBoaz #loveagain - A Modern Day Ruth | Jenny made this with Spoken.ly

He saw her from across the field. He inquired about her character. - A Modern Day Ruth

Get what you are looking for from God himself, not people, who don't have what He has to give you!

We seek a love so deep, and it can only truly be satisfied in Christ. We seek attention from others, and yet our God knew us since we were conceived and even before that. He desires for us to know Him and everything he does is out of love.