by Ben Giles <3

Compendium of Radness

Ben Giles on Miss Moss · Ben Giles is an artist whose vintage collages are pretty hilarious.

"flying houses" by laurent chéhère

All of these dreamy images are from a series, titled “Flying Houses”, by French photographer Laurent Chéhère. Laurent is an award-winning advertising photographer.

Palm Beach ArtsPaper: Art review: 'Dinotopia' light, entertaining exhibit for our inner kids

James Gurney -- Garden of Hope, 1995 (Illustration for Dinotopia: The World Beneath). Courtesy of the artist and the Norman Rockwell Museum.

Butterfly Elephants This is based off of the elephant diorama at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles!

King of the idiots by IsisMasshiro*

IsisMasshiro from DeviantArt always gives her dinosaurs an intense expressiveness rarely seen in paleo-art. This works to great effect whenever she does comedic pieces like this.

Vivienne Strauss - Prehistoric

Inspired – Vivienne Strauss

Enjoy the delicate collage compositions by Vivienne Strauss.

Einiosaurus by Baryonyx-walkeri on DeviantArt

Einiosaurus by Baryonyx-walkeri on DeviantArt : Classification Règne Animalia Classe Reptilia Ordre † Ornithischia Sous-ordre † Marginocephalia Super-famille † Ceratopsia Famille † Ceratopsidae Sous-famille † Centrosaurinae