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Hyperiid amphipod. There is something living in this jelly!

Many new deep sea animals discovered

Knobby Argonaut

Argonauta nodosa aka knobby or knobbed argonaut aka "paper nautilus" is a species of pelagic octopus.

марианская впадина обитатели: 4 тыс изображений найдено в Яндекс.Картинках

19 Creatures From The Mariana Trench. Looks like my grade teacher, maybe a little better looking.


Big Yellow Jellyfish Amazing Pictures - Amazing Pictures, Images, Photography from Travels All Aronud the World

In pictures: Sea angels and other amazing undersea creatures (Wired UK)

In pictures: Sea angels and other amazing undersea creatures

The "sea angel", a swimming sea slug, is most beautiful of the deep sea animals he snapped -- not exactly a tough contest to be fair. Mostly transparent, the sea angel's internal organs appear to glow brightly in the image.

Blue tunicate

Tunicate~ Tunicates, commonly called sea squirts, are a group of marine animals that spend most of their lives attached to docks, rocks or the undersides of boats. To most people they look like small, colored blobs.

Glasswing, the transparent Fish

Translucent Goby Fish, Egypt Photo – Tobias Friedrich Two tiny gobies, neither of which is any bigger than an inch in the water near Marsa Alam, Egypt

Beautiful lobster

Beautiful lobster

Deep Sea Anglerfish

Last week, the IUCN 2009 Seamount expedition ended, with scientists sampling two final seamounts in the Indian Ocean. Caught at was this deep-sea anglerfish, also known as a seatoad. Sarah Gotheil From BBC news