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Illustrated Alphabet Part 2:  J through N

Illustrated Alphabet Part 2: J through N

Sketchbook Wandering: Illustration

Here, one of those first drafts that didn't need a I worked out a few details on scratch paper & then, with ink & chopstick, sp.

Sketchbook Wandering : Spruce Head, Maine

I had a lovely vantage point for watercolor sketching from the deck of the Craignair Inn.

Sketchbook Wandering

A view from the window of the Camden Library. A very quick sketch (above) from an even quicker sketchbook sketch (below).

Sketchbook Wandering: Sketchbook Wandering: The Last Post

Sketching gets me through meetings, that agitate or bore me. I re-did some images from a meeting I attended in February, to make them a bit more presentable. Subject of the meeting?

Jennifer Lawson: A summer day on the coast of Maine

'A summer day on the coast of Maine' from Jennifer Lawson's online painting and drawing journal. Jennifer clued me in to the existence of Inktober, a challenge created by Jake Parker. Participants do an ink drawing a day throughout October.

Danielle Kroll''s sketchbook. We'd love to do a #booklet / #brochure design inspired by this

i’m jealous of danielle kroll (The Jealous Curator)

Pickles, ponies, and party dresses! Now THAT is a sketchbook! And the creator of these amazing “sketches”… Brooklyn based artist, illustrator, AND designer Danielle Kroll.