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良い曲は良い環境から!スタジオ・DTM部屋 画像まとめ【part.10】 | MeloDealer

良い曲は良い環境から!スタジオ・DTM部屋 画像まとめ【part.10】 | MeloDealer

Ok I think I'm good. Well....maybe a pizza. Then I'm good.

ADAM main monitors and ADAM midfield monitors @ YG Entertainment Studios, Seoul.

Maschine studio time

Check out this massive list of home studio setup ideas. Filter down by room colors, number of monitors, and more to find your perfect studio.

Cool music production setup ft. Ultranova, Push, Tempest

Your recording studio is the home to which you develop your new creations and craft your music. It’s the place that you will spent countless hours p

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The ultimate home recording studio equipment site. Great deals and huge selection of home recording studio equipment.