a coat of gold by NanFe wizard warlock sorcerer witch sorceress vampire armor…

Alice's friends by Tsvetka on deviantART "About the pic: All is extremely simple. Alice has eaten her friends ^_^"

Alice's friends by Tsvetka / A Scottish version of a female vampire or a succubus. Baobhan Sith are found in Scottish Gaelic oral tradition. Those who would take her in his embrace, would have the blood suck from their body.

i will keep you safe..

R- o cara Artist: Changming Xu aka ChangMing - Title: Handsome Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood - Card: Foolish Lugal in Love



Don't Know but where I'm from you would done been bitch slapped until your cross eyed Sadie for doing what you and your parents been doing. Your a little bitch dog girl that likes to point.

"Ally prayed the look in her eyes conveyed to him what she felt, what he had come to mean to her, that if a chance at redemption had ever existed for her, he was her salvation. He knitted the fragments of her broken soul back together.

Young King Azriel and young Queen Maureen Donahue (as Azriel has no last name, at least recorded, their children took their mother's maiden name)

Mother Goose

HAED - Nene Thomas - Power and Prestige. The picture is from Nene Thomas' website as the patterns are discontinued.