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Turns out Parker Lewis CAN Lose! #rimshot

"Dean Winchester's behind you." Just a reminder to monsters, Dean Winchester is what you warn your children about, the hunter under the bed.

Omg! I love it! Updated... No one beats the supernatural fandom we got a gif for everything :). --- I freaking love us!!!

Get your meme on!

I love it! No one beats the supernatural fandom we got a gif for everything :).<-----Well Done Pushing Daisies Fandom.I love how we make fun of each other but we all get along

The 'Teacup Explorer' teacup hat by PlayThings on Etsy, $65.00

We could add teacups to the top of some of the hats, and also attach accessories like spoons, spoils of thread, needles sticking out like its a pin cushion, etc.

Freshly caught soot balls. From my neighbor Totoro

Unique Gift Mini Glass Bottle Studio Ghibli Soot Dirt Ball Soot Sprite, would also work for Dust bunnies

castiel im afraid i want to die - Google Search

Castiel, your mother joke, I guess it's funnier when your mother isn't dead, lol

The power of Christ compels you Deanmon

This is why I don’t open iFunny in public

My new favorite thing is Dean getting hit in the face with holy water. He just looks so done. Can you f*cking not?

Some fun stuff for you :)

Donald Trump would deport this joke

Salt privileges are revoked lol. You lost your salt privileges.

Twd necklace. I want

The Walking Dead Charm Bracelet. I don't even want this because it's walking dead, I want this because it's freaking awesome (:<~~~~~ could be a supernatural bracelet