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The abandoned MT Psychiatric Center, NY. This relatively small psychiatric center is listed as one the most haunted places of the county and has been fenced off for over a decade. The building itself is about to collapse and parts of the floor are moving

In reality this is a miniature diorama created by Lori Nix in This had me fooled for quite some time!

FACTOPEDIA - энциклопедия фактов, интересное в мире Дома на деревьях

Treehouse by Steven Rondel Redmond, Washington, USA A little bit art nouveau, steampunk, and Howl’s Moving Castle

Simply magical | That there are such places in the world is a wondrous thing, indeed.

Eerie and beautiful. That there are such places in the world is a wondrous thing, indeed. Ooooooooo take me there.

where is this?

The Abandoned City of Astellenth used to bustle with activity but now it remained completely dead, like a ghost town. Only the grass remain, growing tall within the crevices of the streets, swaying gently in the breeze © Ember Shadow

Wow, the grandeur of these abandoned places; mind-boggling.

This is an abandoned manor house in England. To see this once grand beauty slowly decaying is so sad. Look at the tremendous carved oak banister, tall casement windows, and domed ceiling window. I'd love to move in and restore it this is beautiful

Haunted home in Budapest, Romania...

Haunted home in Budapest, Romania

Love it

Old Farm House Closed In Back Porch, put some glass in those windows and I'm owning it.