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Panther ~ One of God's most amazing creatures. Obviously I have an eye thing too. God sure does know how to put colors together!

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For people associated with the American political party, see Black Panther Party. This article is about the animal. For other uses, see Black Panther (disambiguation). A melanistic jaguar at the Henry Doorly Zoo. Melanism is the result of a…

Beautiful leopard

Jaguar - People with this power animal generally possess a good command of language, although their words can have a tendency to cut, tear and shred others apart. Learning correct communication skills is of foremost importance for these people.


"Course he isn't safe. But he's good. He's the King, I tell you. Beaver, answering one of the Pevensie children's question about whether or not the lion Aslan was safe (Aslan represents God in the allegorical series The Chronicles of Narnia)


These eyes remind me of the eyes of Dr. They're very intimidating to many people and they symbolize the eyes of God. always watching you.


This is a beautiful picture of a tiger with its reflection in the water. I love reflection pictures!

Black panther; Source: http://w-ildbutterfly.tumblr.com/post/30440813330/llbwwb-black-jaguar-explore-by-tenpinphil

The person befor me commented "Black panther beauty. This is a jaguar with melanism. Melanism is a recessive black jeen, which makes the jaguar appear black. But, no jaguar is truly black, just a dark brown.

A tree frog appears to flip the bird at photographer

House prices are still rising but at a much slower rate than a year ago

Tree frog appears to give rude gesture like Adele The Sun News


Manni Havas, colored pencil hyperrealism of a black panther ⭐️

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