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Wolfman.  No sweet bites.  Only death.

madness-and-gods: “Werewolf horror art By Greg Staples ”

werewolf by Lukasz Jaskolski

Draw A Werewolf : I am her wolf, she is cloaked beneath a red hood. We venture, way out where the wolves hunt; where the villagers fear to wander.

Tom's Werewolf by Viergacht

Prize for for the last contest. It's his werewolf character, and my instructions were for him to be beating up a vampire or something, and for him to look badass. I went for a really garish, old pu.

Krampus. Postcard, Österreich. - the dark side of St. Nick - watch out all you naughties!

Krampus a beast-like creature from the folklore of Alpine countries thought to punish children during the Christmas season who had misbehaved

werewolf | Common Beliefs About Werewolves

(Open rp) I turn into my werewolf form, screaming in pain as doing so. I then howl at the moon

(Pinning this here cuz they look like the vampires and werewolves in skyrim) Where did he go. He was stood right there. Now he's been replaced with a snarling beast.

krampus christmas cards

A Collection of Creepy Vintage Krampus Christmas Postcards in the Book 'Devil in Design'

Omega werewolves

Artwork by: Marek Madej World of Darkness Werewolf the Apocalypse Werewolf Character Concept Scene Ideas