Explore Crappie Fishing, Fishing Bait, and more!

How to Remove a Fish Hook

How to Remove a Fish Hook from Your Finger: An Illustrated Guide. i dont like the manliness thing though.

Presentation is Everything When Casting in a Stream

The right way to present a fly in a stream while fly fishing. Improve your casting technique and catch more fish!

Tie Your Own Flies This Winter

Fly Fishing - The Umpqua Beginner Fly Tying Kit is all you need to start tying.

A Novice's Guide to Fly Fishing - Ontario OUT OF DOORS

Do Fish See Line?: Decoding Research and Manufacturer Claims

Swimbait fishing lures, how to choose which color bait to use according to water clarity or species of fish (bass, crappie, or walleye/saugeye) ((Updated)) SO helpful!

Where’s That Trout? Learn How to Locate Trout in a Stream

Bass Baiting by Season

Bass Baiting by Season Explained - Tips for bass baiting, bass fishing, bass feeding, fishing bass, fishing.

An Introduction to Basic Fly Casting

Start learning how to fly fish by checking out our basic fly casting guide, these techniques are what you need to get started!

Purple is the new gray The Parachute Adams is arguable the most effective dry fly on the planet.

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