Hand grasp patterns - I am always in google images to describe uncommon grips when I do writing productivity profiles in AT evals. Tis might be useful.

Hand grasp patterns - this helpful chart could be used to assess grip and determine what tools would be best to help the child write and perform other fine mother activities at school

From The Plant Terminology Reader, Merritt College

Botany and Horticulture

live a quiet live & work with your hands / tanamachi / 24" x 32" / $50

Quiet Life Classic Poster

appropriate ways for kids to hold pencils based on age

Pencil grip checklist: Would love to send this home to my students' parents to have them CHECK for themselves where their child's writing grip is. Sad thing is that I have quite a few students who come in at the years fine motor skills category.


Your Kid's Table: 10 Awesome and Affordable Sensory Toys. That spinning chair with the screen is my personal favorite.

10 Awesome and Cheap Sensory Toys

Sensory: Ideas for every budget, DIY, and sensory stocking stuffers! Plus, descriptions about how the toys stimulate the sensory system from a pediatric occupational therapist!

Tips for Helping a Sensory Seeking Child

Genius Drops Focus Vitamins

Tips for Helping a Sensory Seeking Child when you Can't Afford Therapy - great list of ideas to incorporate at home and at school Tap the link to check out fidgets and sensory toys!

Tongue Protrusion & Lateralization. Visit pinterest.com/arktherapeutic for more #oralmotor therapy tools and exercises

Tongue Lateralization and Protrusion

Do you have a tool to increase tongue protrusion and tongue lateralization? ARK's Oro-Navigator was specifically created to help individuals "get" the concept of tongue lateralization.

The Writing CLAW is a fun, affordable and effective way to teach young children how to hold their pencil correctly. All children, including those with Autism, ADHD, developmental disabilities, learnin

The writing c l a w small 12ct

lavagem de mãos para manipuladores de alimentos - Pesquisa Google

Today is Hand Hygiene Day! How to handwash the proper way!

Four interactive books all about bugs and insects. These are perfect for getting students engaged and participating. The books integrate science skills with language development. They are ideal for special education classrooms and speech therapists. They are especially helpful for students with autism.

Bug & Insects: Interactive Books

theraputty exercises | and here are some things you do do with clay or thera putty

I would use theraputty exercises to help students with their fine motor skills and to strengthen their hands.