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0896_pe381aee382b3e38394e383bc.jpg 346×411 ピクセル

0896_pe381aee382b3e38394e383bc.jpg 346×411 ピクセル

Larry Krantz Flute Pages: Practical Alternate Flute Fingerings

Larry Krantz Flute Pages: Practical Alternate Flute Fingerings --- this is why flute is so hard, you got your standard fingering and then all of these as well? And you have to be able to decide which one to use

what do you say when a student asks why they have to practice scales?

Why learn scales? 6 Scale Rebuttals to Have on Hand

The best champagne cocktails worth trying at brunch

All The Champagne Cocktails You'll Ever Need

Flute family. All different instruments, with a similar colour, (sound wise, yes colour denotes a sort of sound) but each one with unique qualities-shape, size, etc. Some overlap in the sounds they can make, but two different classification instruments likely don't play the exact same pitches, although I'm not sure if there is an exception- can you think of any?

Various types of flutes. When I have tons of extra money, I think I'd like a bass flute (the one with the curve). Pretty useless in reality, but cool to own.

"The Dryad's Touch" 18k green gold art nouveau flute.

"The Dryad's Touch" green gold art nouveau flute. This is the most gorgeous flute I have ever seen!