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Red riding hood negative space design

Awestruck Your Creative Views With Negative Space Designs

Sobre edificios

very cool and quite simple in it's negative space!Moon-City Really interesting design and i love the use of the negative space.

ilustración : nube

(Bradley Sharp - Rain Abstract Vector Artwork Inspiration) - I like this idea as a graphic for my calendar. You could merge it with the type as well

"paint the town red" illustrated metaphor

"Lets paint the town Red" I think this is another advertisement for a paint company. It seems paint companies have the coolest designs. The red paint really stand out and making the bristles the town was really creative.

i think the way the image is made just by the hand and the screw is verry affective ,  it works very well with the space and the focus point in the middle of the design. I can definitally take inspiration from this artist and use it in my work , as my work became black and white with saturated darks .

WHITE SPACE: I love the simple style of this poster and how an image is made just using the hand and the screw. I think that it works well with the space and there is a focus point in the middle of the design.

Jane Hazlewood

Barcodes are still one of the coolest tattoos. In combination with trees: genius

Green Life. Source of Hope        One Dream. No War.         Target board.         Peace in Turkey        Peace in Turkey        Can Foo...

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Figura fundo, positivo negativo

The support centers union for victims of sexual assault in Israel: Two Seconds to Spot Advertising Agency : Mccann Erckson, Tel Aviv, Israel Graphic Designer : Yan Fedoroff

A new campaign for Colsubsidio Book Exchange by advertising agency Lowe/SSP3 that illustrates two different stories within a single image, “Come with one story; leave with another.” Featuring Disney like Snow White/Sherlock, Harry Potter/Troy, Little Red Riding Hood/Moby Dick.

Lowe - Colsubsidio Book Exchange: Little red riding hood and Moby Dick. Come with a story and leave with another.