▶ A Sketch A Day: Woodland Walk - Sketching Demonstration by PETER WOOLLEY - YouTube

Professional Artist Peter Woolley demonstrates a preliminary pencil sketch (for a watercolour painting), of summer trees in Richmond, North Yorkshire.

야경의 구름 그리기 how to draw night cloud - YouTube

야경의 구름 그리기 how to draw night cloud - YouTube

Loose Transparent Watercolor Painting Demonstration "Misty Lake" - YouTube

In this short step by step watercolor demo you will study how to paint a simple golden autumn landscape.

I’m always talking about using negative space when painting. (Say for instance, this example). I often call it The Three Big Shapes: Sky, Ground, Subject. In this short video, watercolor sket…

That's a Taj Mahal Watercolor quick sketch I did as a prep for my future Workshop in India (Feb-March It took I tried to keep it wet and loose a.

Pen & Ink Sketch Collage (Beginner Tutorial)

Here's a beginner's tutorial for creating a pen & ink sketch montage. There will be another video on watercolour collage which will be almost the same thing .

California Vibe Watercolor Portraiture Workshop - David Lobenberg

If we paint in color but don't understand value, it is nearly impossible to get the correct color. Our color choices, if we don't understand the value of our.

Watercolour Tip from PETER WOOLLEY: Perspective Issues - YouTube

In this demonstration, Peter transforms a flat, two-dimensional-looking landscape into something more realistic-looking by adding a range of contours to it.