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Hadrosaurs, or duck-billed dinosaurs, were large, low-slung plant eaters equipped with tough beaks.


Prey Dinosaur Bundle is a animals, prehistoric animal, wild life for Stand Alone Figures for Daz Studio or Poser created by DAZ Originals and Dinoraul.

Vintage French Chart Dinosaurs Zoology Black and White by sandmarg

Vintage French Chart Dinosaurs Zoology Black and White Print

My stegasaurous dinosaur tattoo :) I forget it's there and then when I remember…

Trinacromerum on display at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto.

Dinosaur of the Week: Armchair Paleontology: Trinacromerum is in the Polycotylidae family of short necked plesiosaurs. Its stout little body, in terms of enormous marine reptiles, was designed for quicker movements through the water.

Megantereon whitei by Viergacht.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Megantereon whitei was a smallish but heavily-built sabertoothed cat from the late Miocene of Africa, related to Smilodon. A bone flange on the chin protected the saber fangs, which gives it a very.

*Parasaurolophus. Artwork by Danielle Dufault

*Parasaurolophus. Artwork by Danielle Dufault

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Age no handicap: 13 dinosaurs Jurassic World borrows from other periods


Top 10 Dinosaurs That Aren’t What They Were.And finally, the weirdest part. After examining the beak and jaws, paleontologists reached the conclusion that Triceratops may have been partially carnivorous.

50 years later... A Reconstruction of Deinocheirus mirificus

Mystery of giant arm dinosaur solved

Deinocheirus mirificus probably lumbered along like a cross between the TV dinosaur Barney and Jar Jar Binks of Star Wars fame, according to a new fossil analysis. (AP Photo/Michael Skrepnick, Dinosaurs in Art, Nature Publishing Group)

ankylosaurus - Google Search

Have you wondered what dinosaur predator you are from the dinosaur time. Now take the QUIZ!


Ceratosaurus Facts

How many types of dinosaurs were there? Here's a list of the 15 main dinosaur types, ranging from ankylosaurs to tyrannosaurs.

Luis Rey Dinosaurs | Megaraptor attacking a small titanosaur by Luis V. Rey

Most inappropriate/fun/silly scientific names in Palaeontology

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We know more about the family life of Maiasaura, the "good mother dinosaur," than of just about any other animal of the Mesozoic Era.