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Ozery Bakery Crispy Pitas snack foods #packaging

We believe in first impressions, and on a store shelf, the first impression delivered by a well crafted package is among the most valuable things a a retail brand can possess. Here are a few of our favourite packaging projects from over the years.

Nathan Sharp revamps Kiva chocolate medical cannabis packaging curated by Packaging Diva PD. Want to try some now?

Available at Emerald Pharms medical cannabis dispensary in Hopland, California, Mendocino County. Nathan Sharp revamps Kiva chocolate medical cannabis packaging curated by Packaging Diva PD.

Simple, original and effective. This brand its easily recognised in the supermarket shelfs by the use of its typography. I think its really eye catching the way they place the letters combining with a plain coloured background.

(I bought this in Ireland and still have the packaging! Designed by Big Fish. The packaging is soo pretty, moreover it's organic and Fairtrade, you can tell when a designer is proud of the product he works for.

As crazy as this package is, I actual really like it. The pegs of the "violin" are the wires that keep the top on, so I imagine they would be removed when the bottle was opened, making this a less awkward bottle shape.

The full wrap design of this bottle label sparks interest at first sight. The design draws in the consumer's attention with interest in learning more about the label itself. The label works well in creating a playful atmosphere.

Curate™ Indulgent Snack Bar 1.59 oz. Pack Delicious and healthy! #Influenster #TasteCurate

Curate bars are made with real, unexpected ingredients like strawberries, pistachios, Mission figs, and Marcona almonds. Our bars are a brilliant combination of flavors. Taste how amazing the unexpected can be.

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Today I am showcasing 20 brown & white bread packaging ideas and food packaging designs for your assistance.