Anna Louise Swynnerton - Portrait Of A Boy (1844 – 1933, English)

Annie Louisa Swynnerton (1844 – 1933, English)

Annie Louisa Robinson Swynnerton Annie Swynnerton, 1931 © Royal Academy of Arts, London Annie Louisa Swynnerton fu.

Cabell-Ariane Beigneux (1918 – 2011, American)

Ariane Beigneux (1918 – 2011, American)

Wai Ming (1938, Chinese)

Wai Ming (1938, Chinese)

Spring Innocence

Donald Zolan (1937 – 2009, American)

donald zolan spring innocence painting - donald zolan spring innocence paintings for sale discount

Ridolfo del Ghirlandaio (1483-1561) - Ritratto di donna con coniglio - 1508 circa - New Haven (CT), Yale University Art Gallery, Jarves Collection

Portrait of a Lady with a Rabbit ca. 1515 Artist: Ridolfo Ghirlandaio, Italian, Florence, University Purchase from James Jackson Jarves - pins at bodice corners Once you have a gown I think a PENGUIN painting would be good

Frederick Morgan (British, 1856-1927)

Frederick Morgan (1847 – 1927, English)

Titulo de la imágen Frederick Morgan - Marguerites, 1889 (oil on canvas)

"Portrait of Countess Anna Vorontsov as a Child" by Dimitry Levitzky (1790)

Dmitry Levitzky (1735 – 1822, Russian)

Oszkar Glatz  “The girl in red kerchief”

Oszkar Glatz “The girl in red kerchief” -Hungarian Artists, Beautiful Portraits

William Strang: portrait of Nellie Billsland

Child portraits by well-known and less well-known artists

"Bright Eyes" -- by John Everett Millais

Sir John Everett Millais, Bright Eyes portrait of Florence Coleridge. Millais, (born Southampton was a founder member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

August Macke - Blondes Mädchen mit Puppe, 1910

“Blondes Madchen mit Puppe” (“Blonde Girl with Doll”) by August Macke – German)

John Duncan, Portrait of Girl with Cat on ArtStack #john-duncan #art

History of Art: cats in art John Duncan, Victorian, Baba and Bill

Адольф Вильям Бугро. Трудности

Адольф Вильям Бугро. Трудности