edit: I guess it isn't very clear, but Airalin can feel emotions. So when people around her are sad she feels sad too. Ask Airalin

Charizard wasn't released! Clearly you haven't seen Johto, Advanced Generation and Black & White series. Now Goodra who was also one of the best Pokémon that Ash had was released :(

Ash the "Pokemon Master"<<< he becomes their friends instead of catching them. He actually ASKS them if they want to join him and his rag tag group. Never said you had to actually CATCH them all to become a Pokemon master

It's hard to find someone hot when your head is on fire. XD

XD I'm still waiting for this to happen in the game. Pokemon of opposite gender uses Attract.

Someone Decoded Pokemon Go, and found these in-game facts.

Someone Decoded Pokemon Go, and found these in-game facts.

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Science meets Pokemon.

Dorkly presents "Pokemon Buzzkill," an electrifying comic showing Pokémon Master Ash Ketchum accidentally destroying innocent sea life, ships and people du

#Pokemon Generations Fan-Made  <how Pokémon will look in 10 years

Why are we not funding this

You tell 'em, Larvesta.

If you think about it, Larvesta is the only bug type that takes SOOOOOO long to become Volcorona<its like one of the lomgest pokemon it takes to evolve level wise right up there with hydregion