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把東西塞進你的相機裏? | 攝影札記 Photoblog - 新奇好玩的攝影資訊、攝影技巧教學

The San Francisco-based photographer and writer, Ian Tuttle, has created an awesome way to keep his subjects within frame (so to speak). With this nifty camera

May blurred vision is just one of the many side effects of migraine for me it's very annoying and disheartening.

カメラ初心者も旅先で使える!絶景写真の撮り方10のコツ | トラベルjp<たびねす>


カメラ初心者も旅先で使える!絶景写真の撮り方10のコツ | トラベルjp<たびねす>