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Sundance Catalog - Rebirth Ring - Aquamarine stone

REBIRTH RING -- Emily Amey gives recycled metals new life in her rose-cut aquamarine signet, set in a gold bezel on a rambling vine band of sterling silver. Color and size of stone will vary. Whole sizes 5 to

Storm at Sea ring from Sundance Catalog. This looks like a ring that a sea-widow would wear to remember a lost lover. (Maybe it just reminds me of the memorial poesy ring I pinned a long time ago.)

STORM AT SEA RING -- Jane Diaz’s stormy blue apatite cabochon is captured in sterling silver on a light, easy-to-wear wire band. Whole sizes 5 to

Sundance love this blue!

BEYOND BLUE RING -- Emily Amey chooses each faceted blue topaz for its one-of-a-kind shape, size and color. gold granulation beads flank the stone. love the organic construction. from the Sundance catalog.

Cherries Jubilee Ring in Fall 2012 from Sundance

Sundance Cherries Jubilee Ring A checkerboard cushion cut lets this deep red sillimanite

Chrysoprase Ring

CHRYSOPRASE RING: A minimal prong setting offers an unfettered view of the plump gem in this unique checkerboard cut chrysoprase ring, faceted to bounce light every which way. Handcrafted in matte gold plate.

Customize the Kindred Medium Ring by choosing from five stone options paired with sterling silver, 10K yellow gold or 10K rose gold.

Customize the Kindred Medium Ring by choosing from five stone options paired with sterling silver, yellow gold or rose gold.

Nautilus Ring from Sundance -- the stone is a Peruvian chalcedony. Uh, ok.

NAUTILUS RING -- Nava Zahavi’s Peruvian chalcedony evokes the mysteries of the deep sea.

Love the wide band and large stone

Lunar Reflections Ring: Our lunar reflections moonstone ring, a sterling interpretation of a full moon shining upon a rippling sea, is hand cast and set with an opalescent moonstone. Sundance exclusive in whole sizes 5 to Approx.

Wise Spirit Amethyst Ring | Robert Redford's Sundance Catalog

WISE SPIRIT RING -- A wise spirit amethyst ring, with a faceted amethyst, representing spiritual wisdom, sparkling upon a hand-etched vermeil band. Whole and half sizes 5 to