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I do this with every famous person I meet. Authors, mostly.<---i would but I've only ever met one famous person

I would say Grant, Berry, Flash I love you and you will always be my flash and i can keep your secret

Daily Grant Gustin

[closed with barry] tessa smiles as she wakes up, looking around. she smiles as she sees barry laying asleep next to him. she kisses his cheek softly

Gustin Grant is the reason I wake up in the morning!!!

21 Times You Wished Grant Gustin Were Yours

I may search comfort in grant gustin gifs. I am a pathetic excuse for a human being.

He is so adorable, I just want to kiss his cheeks/lips and cuddle him all day/night!!

Are You More Barry Allen Or Oliver Queen?You got: Barry Allen You’re smart, funny, and love spending time with your friends. Some people might think you’re a little dorky but you have a heart of gold.- I got Barry

Cisco is confusion!!

⚡️Flash⚡️ and >--Arrow--> - Cisco Ramon - Barry Allen - Barry Allen - Catlin Snow - Doppelganger

Felicity is the only person on Arrow I could be and I'm 100% okay with that.

They were all bragging about their scars and she felt left out so she said that she had a scar too, from getting her wisdom teeth removed.

Oh my god Harrison Wells from Earth 19. My third favorite Wells. :D

Oh my god Harrison Wells from Earth My third favorite Wells.

9GAG with Flash! (From Grant Gustin's Instagram)

with Flash! (From Grant Gustin's Instagram)