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10月9日の誕生色 https://www.facebook.com/hoshiuranai #天然石 #占星術 #ホロスコープ

10月9日の誕生色 https://www.facebook.com/hoshiuranai #天然石 #占星術 #ホロスコープ

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i hear a lullaby from this rainbow shaped music player from when i was a newborn and whenever someone turns the handle i start crying so i don't let anyone touch it.---im gemini and this is too accurate XD

Trust me, I'm often harder on myself than others are but I think that fosters a need to keep improving myself.

The reason Virgos don't respond well to criticism is because internally, they are already extremely aware of their own faults and are working on fixing them - they were hoping no one else had noticed them. -- my moon sign, and so true!

Virgo…Did you know?

i love writing down my feelings and writing poems. it so much easier writing about my feelings than expressing it.