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That hair!!  To damn cute!

"That's me alright, I'm Chuck." A sloth named Chuck!From Primatography.


PEREZOSO Uno de los más tiernos animales que he conocido - Esto es una maravilla - two toed sloth or 3 toed sloth which is cuter hint:( 2 toed is the orange one and the 3 toed is the grey/brown one.

FASCINATING FACTS: 10 Cool Random Facts We Learned In September

Giant ground sloths were large, lumbering beasts that lived in the Americas during the Ice Age. Thomas Jefferson is credited with discovering one species.

Love me like you do

Love me like you do Bet that this gives you a warm fuzzy feeling.

foto Bradipi

Two baby sloths sharing one greened bean. Be sure to check back next week to see if they've finished yet!

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Have You Ever Heard Baby Sloths Talk To Each Other? Now I need a sloth!