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words of peter pan - one of my favorite villians!!

words of peter pan - one of my favorite vs lamborghini sports cars sport cars cars cars

under the sea♡

"Ariel, listen to me. Life under the sea is betta than anything they got up there.

The Young Little Mermaid's Family. Father- King Triton, Mother- Queen Athena, & their 7 Daughters- Aquata (brown hair, blue tail), Andrina (blonde hair, purplish tail), Arista (blonde hair, red tail), Attina (brown hair, orange tail), Adella (black hair, golden tail), Alana (black hair, pink tail) and Ariel (red hair, green tail).

Ariel's Beginning! Me and My little sister stayed up to 4 in the morning watching this in Spanish bc they didn't have the English version XD loved it!

The best hair goes to.... The little mermaid! Her hair is always perfect and she lives in salt water.... amazing!!

Nostalgia Fact-Check: How Does The Little Mermaid Hold Up?

Quiz: Which One of Ariel’s Outfits Should You Wear? You Got Ariel’s Blue Dress! If you had it your way, you’d spend every day exploring new places and trying new things. You’re always on the move, and your style reflects your outgoing personality.