OUTDOOR WALL GAMES Outdoor wall games: imagine these inside too, on room dividers, or in large shared/community spaces in the building.

Little play area with chalk boards.. this flickr site has lots of cool pics of playground spaces

Little play area with chalk boards good to develop children literacy skills through play. Fencing idea for kid area

Fossils under Sandpit

Sandbox Surprise WIN

What an awesome dad! DIY Daddy Project-Dinosaurs Fossil In The Sandbox (So amazing!)-The kids get to find the fossil

Stick Wind Chimes

homemade wind chimes - happyhooligans - painted stick wind chimes - So gonna make these this spring when we sort out our garden again!

If only I could have a backyard this beautiful and fun (or any part of my yard)!

Megan Pratt, Pensacola City Council At-Large: Natural Playgrounds - Jo especially likes the climbing wall, rocks and garden.

imagiplanks - build and infinite playground My kids love these...we have two master builder sets and it is a blast for all of us!

Build an infinite playground with ImagiPlanks

ImagiPlanks are wooden building sets made from American Hardwood and treated with a non-toxic, non-flaking environmentally friendly finish. These open-ended building sets are part block, part puzzle and perfect for young builders to take their